Monday, January 9, 2012

Lyn Gardener’s beautiful White House in Daylesford

I’m sure most Melbourne readers would know Melbourne’s vintage queen Lyn Gardener! Lyn’s wonderful shop Empire Vintage in Albert Park has long been a local favourite for everything rare, pretty and vintage – and she also has three AMAZING homes which you might have seen before in print or online.
They’re truly incredible spaces, decorated to perfection by Lyn herself, and often used as locations by photographers, film makers and events companies. Each home has a very different personality from the next – There are 2 industrial-style spaces in Fitzroy… and her more recent project – The White House in Daylesford. How beauuuutiful!?? Lyn truly has the magic vintage/industrial touch!
The White House is not actually Lyn’s own home – but the good news is, it’s a guesthouse you can go and stay at! For more details please check out The White House website.

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