Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Page Thirteen

A lovely little post from Page Thirteen!

Remember those days when you used to put on gorgeous dresses with skirts that balloons and flares out when you twirl? And the dresses would go perfectly with a nice pair of shiny patent shoes and pretty ankle socks! Every little girl should be able to share that memory... Naughts & Crosses brought me down memory lane, and I'm sure it'd do the same for you too!

About Naughts & Crosses
Naughts & crosses started in 2010 after designer Louise Piper felt that the days of getting dressed up in a favourite frock for a weekend party were beginning to fade. Being an interior stylist and a nanny for 5 years Louise felt that children's parties were becoming more casual and the days of parties at home, patent leather shoes and pretty dresses were disappearing.

Instead of disposable clothes that are widely available and only last one wash, the brand reflects quality handmade pieces that become keepsakes long after the party is over.
Naughts and crosses hopes to remind us of the joy in being small and fun of growing up colourful and creative.
The fabrics are handpicked to inspire children's imaginations and evoke memories of the dresses our mothers made us when we were small.
Each dress is made from 100% cotton and can be teamed up with winter tights and a long sleeve top to make them a transeasonal piece.
Our motto is to let children be children with clothes that look the part.
Proudly designed and made in Melbourne, Naughts and crosses hopes to become your child's favourite outfit.

Apart from pretty dresses and accessories, Naughts & Crosses also carries a selection of toys and interiors (cubby houses), children's play furnitures (check out the toadstool series, my favourite!), and paper dolls!!

These paper dolls totally reminds me of the time when I used to play dress up with my paper dolls at our round dining table. I would be kneeling on the chair so I can prop myself up properly; I even drew and coloured in my own designs for the paper dolls to wear! Awww... such memories!

Originally published 40s and 50s, these dolls from Naughts & Crosses are very close reproductions of the original books, sourced from around the world.

And (!!!) I am totally smittened with the sticky note memos and can't wait to get my hands on some - how cute are they??! Each of them come with 2 smaller notes in a foldable book and a paper doll dress for each doll, and there are four different styles to choose from, named Alice, Selly, Julie and Tom - too adorable for words!! I think I'll have one of each... or two?

Have you fallen in love with Naughts & Crosses too? To see more, drop by the shop, or catch up on news via the blog.

Well done and keep up the fabulous work, Louise!

{All images via Naughts & Crosses, found thanks to Frankie}

Thanks Shu we heart you too!

Be sure to pop over to Shuyi's page at http://page-thirteen.blogspot.com/ 

It's full of so many beautiful things to inspire you!

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Welcome to Naughts & Crosses,

We are passionate about capturing your child’s imagination whilst taking you for a stroll down memory lane.

We believe kids should be kids, and dressed like them too!

naughts & crosses offer a boutique range of beautifully made girls day and party dresses that are as unique and as individual as your child.

Our clothes are not mass produced and in many cases are limited editions so you won't find your favourite naughts & crosses piece on everyone else in the playground.

Each time you make a purchase at naughts & crosses you are getting something adorably original.
We wanted our clothes to have a distinct vintage feel while at the same time being contemporary and fashionable. Our designs are inspired by vintage dresses but have a modern twist, each fabric is handpicked with a childs imagination in mind.

naughts & crosses also offer a large range of interior products for styling your little ones room.

We are constantly sourcing new and fun decor to keep their little minds active and their spaces beautiful.

We hope naughts & crosses will bring back your favourite childhood memories whilst creating new ones for today’s cool kids!

Love, naughts & crosses xox